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Apparently, Even Scientists Don't Know What the Hell Is Going on When You Orgasm

It’s not just a snappy sitcom plotline: The female orgasm is a giant mystery. And not just to the average man, either. Turns out, top researchers and even women themselves have a hard time making sense of what actually happens to the body and the brain during climax, according to research by neuroscientist Nicole Prause and her colleague Greg Siegel. In a recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, Prause and Siegel—who hoped to glean insight into arousal and orgasms as a way to tre

If You Defend the Cop Who Killed Terence Crutcher Because She’s A Woman, You’re Doing Feminism Wrong

Betty Shelby, the Tulsa police officer who was captured on video shooting and killing an unarmed Terence Crutcher, was charged with manslaughter last week. Almost immediately after those charges were announced, there were rumblings on Twitter asking whether the officer’s gender has anything to do with charges being brought—a rarity in police shootings of civilians.

Why I'm Now Hoping for a Mike Pence Presidency

Whenever a conversation starts about the path to impeaching President Donald Trump, some smartass inevitably chimes in with, “But then we’d be stuck with Mike Pence!” It’s the new “Bernie would’ve won;” obnoxious, unhelpful and designed to end a conversation rather than to start it. Pence would make a terrible president and would lead this country’s regression back to antiquated, bigoted social mores. His record proves that he wants religious law to be the law of the land, doesn’t oppose electr
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Q&A: A Queer Porn Director Takes on Mainstream ‘Lesbian’ Porn

During most of a recent trip to New York, Courtney Trouble — the director and performer SF Weekly called “the Queen of ‘Queer Porn’” — stayed with friends in Brooklyn. But on the last night in town, Trouble rented a swanky room at the Gramercy Park Hotel — not for the comfort, but for its potential as a porn set. When I met Trouble at the hotel, shooting had just finished. Porn stars lounged on the bed, with clothing and dildos strewn all over the room.
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