4-Week Online Nonfiction Workshop: Writing Personal Essays with Substance

Personal essays have gotten a bad rap in some circles, decried as hyper-confessional, self-indulgent diary entries. And the truth is, a lot of them are. But there’s so much more to personal-essay writing than that unfortunate trope. Successful personal essays don’t just recap something wild that happened to you -- they bring the reader through the story with vivid details and active scenes, and show how the experience changed you.

Memoir Writing | Fairfield County Writers' Studio

This workshop is for writers who want guidance in completing — or starting — a book-length first-person work. We’ll explore the important characteristics of memoir, and we’ll mine your personal stories for the universal truths you have to share with readers. We’ll cover how to complete such a big project without getting overwhelmed, as well as nuts and bolts like writing active scenes, structure/outlining, and how to flesh out characters when those characters are real people from your life.

Writing the Personal Essay | Fairfield County Writers' Studio

Learn how to tell your life stories in a way that engages readers and illustrates universal truths. In this workshop we’ll cover the basic tenets of personal essay writing, read some of the best first-person writing being published today, and produce polished essays that are ready to publish. No navel-gazing hyper-confessional fluff, we’ll dig deeper to find the most meaningful stories each student has to tell, and the best way to tell them. We’ll also cover the basics of pitching and publishing.