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Memoir as Detective Novel (July 16)

Plot isn't the only way to create narrative momentum in memoir. Sometimes the most interesting thing about a personal narrative isn't what happened, and then what happened next, and then what happened next—but what we have to say about what happened, and how our perspective on a formative experience can shift and change over time. How the very process of writing about our lives—and the research and inquiry often required to do so—can change our relationship to the thing we're writing about. Sometimes that change is the story.

CATAPULT Independent Study: Generating Fresh Ideas for the Personal Essay

Editors always say they’re looking for new, fresh, exciting, surprising angles for personal essays. They want to see something they haven’t seen before, to approach universal topics in brand new ways. But what does that even mean, and how are you supposed to know what they have and haven’t seen before? This independent study will teach you a few strategies for finding that fresh angle, digging into your unique perspective to find new ways into stories that only you can write.

CATAPULT Independent Study: Outlining Your Memoir

This independent study will guide you through a three-step process to write an outline. If you’re still in the drafting and revision stage, the outline you’ll put together here will help you see your structure clearly so you can rework and hone it. And then when you’re done revising (or if you’ve come to this independent study with an already finished and polished manuscript), you can also use this outline for your book proposal.

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